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Originally posted by gstanford
[b]I would not put too much stock into whatever Epic/Tim Sweeney has to say, frankly. The unreal engine may be visually impressive, but it is incredibly clunky and inefficient compared with just about any other engine out there at the moment and always has been. Tim is the guy who is claiming that unless your hardware fully accelerates FP32 his next title won't even run properly on your machine.
While I can not commit on what Tim says on the future I can state that his engines are very good in their own right. Sure the Unreal engine was a bit clunky in the past but thats due to it being a software render never really desgin for 3d cards. The first unreal engine was written almost 5 years ago. The engine that powers UT2k3 shows you just how good it is. I mean look at all of the AA titles planned for this engine.You even have gams like Tribes and MOH:AA that have swtiched to the Unreal egine. Plus the power of Uscript helps to make his engine much more usefull. Not trying to compare the two. But JC has pushed his engine one way had has done a great job at it. Tim has pushed his in another dir and has also done a good job.

They haven't bothered to check DXT1 quality on anything but nVidia cards in the linked article. You can clearly see from nutty's screenshots that ATi hardware murders DXT1 quality just as badly.
Thats not what I see. Yes it may be bad in Nutty's article; but in my mod, based on the UT2k3 engine, it looks much better on an ATI card when I have had to use DX1 compression (I have both a GF4 and ATI so I cam compare). U might want to read the article.
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