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Yea, I need to get my eyes and PC checked to fix their ****ty Korean MMO engine. I decided to run with AA, forced through control panel no less since their implementation is nothing more than a check box. Even then you HAVE to disable Deferred lighting, which disables Specular Lighting, Static and Dynamic Shadows as well. That really makes the game look like ass. My PC runs top notch and can run any game bar Crysis with at least 4x AA and pretty high quality textures WITH nice lighting effects. The engine in this game is just too ****ty to cope with it. You know why they use the ****ty engine? To keep the cost of the game low by not licensing a decent one or spending money on developing a good one. I'd be willing to bet they just recycled one of their old engines for this title.

My point about the game play was that I could tolerate some bugs and balance issues if it was at least decent to look at, but it is not.
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If it ran better and looked better, then I could possibly hold out on some of the other flaws, but this is pure crap.

I guess I must have pissed off a fan boy by calling a terd a terd. Don't cry when it does the way of Auto Assault. People needing to quit advocating garbage.
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