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Default Re: Did they Fix it?

Originally Posted by Son Goku
Sometimes people do tell people to go back to town, such as in a guild raid where we lost a tank and one of the DPS warriors was told go protection for the run. A mage made portal, and people summoned them back at the summoning stone....

We had one person who asked what spec they're going to be, mentioning they were fine with respecing, but after joining guild they were asked to respec several times a week for different runs. And it wasn't just the 50 gold each respec, but that they have to change out the gems on their gear when respecing also. They'd like to help the guild but not go broke.

Keeping in mind the gear for different specs is also different (druids is a perfect example of this), it goes beyond the preperation of just changing the spec. Then if all gems are of a "rare quality" or better, that can be another 50 g pop per gem (give or take, depending on the AH with the higher quality gems), to swap them all out with good quality. Forget any epic gems one might encounter, one simply will not get enough of those to accomodate regular respec requests back and forth.
I would quit any guild that told me to respec for ANY reason.

You also make it sound as if they are paying for all of this respecing for them selves. If you ask someone to respec, at least the guild should pay for it for them. Either way kiss my pasty white butt if you want me to respec.
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