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Default which driver for GeForce 6150 under Fedora Core 8&


first of all my apologies for posting this also in the legacy forum, I had forgotten
there is a Linux-only forum.

I 'll soon try to install Fedora Core 8 an an ASUS A8N-VM CSM motherboard
which has a GeForce 6150 graphic chipset (to be connected via DVI to a 1680x1050
LCD monitor, if it's relevant).

I am not sure which of the drivers at
is the right one, I haven't even decided yet if to install 64 or 32 bit fedora.
Would this be correct:

- use the Linux IA32 driver if I install Fedora 32 bit

- use the Linux AMD64 driver if I install Fedora 64 bit

Also: do I actually have a choice, that is can I install the IA32 driver on that board
if the distro is 32 bit?

Also, are the current nVidia driver necessary or anyway still recommended for
a chipset almost 2 years old? What would I lose if I just stuck with the current
nv driver included in Fedora?

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