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Originally posted by digitalwanderer
Not meaning to flame you here BB, but why is it so asinine to suggest that nVidia might be using under-handed tactics/pressuring developers for favoratism? I'm not meaning to impune EA here, but nVidia has given lots of people lots of reasons to think exactly such things and I do not believe it is "asinine" to assume them capable of such.

And on the screenshots, is the nVidia sky supposed to look like it's just a solid blue-fill or is that just something weird with the way they captured that particular screenshot?
I don't believe I was commenting on nVidia. I believe I said EA would not allow nVidia to pressure them into doing such things assuming that nVidia actually did such things. I am also speaking STRICTLY about the Tiger Woods development team. I know the TW Producers at EA and the development team at Headgate Studios extremely well and those people would not stand for tactics like that...

I believe the gamma of the two screenshots to be very different, but that is EXACTLY the differences I see between the 9800 Pro and the Ti4600.
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