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Default Re: CM Cosmos 1000 Review / New workstation setup [56k warning]

Alright, the workstation:

all the components, neatly aligned, from left to right, front to back:
  • Supermicro X7DAE+ motherboard
  • Gainward Bliss 8800GT
  • LG GSA-H55N dvd burner
  • 2 x Intel Xeon E5345
  • 3 x WD Raptor 150GB
  • 1 x WD Caviar RE2 400GB 16MB SATA-II
  • 4 x Kingston KVR667D2D4F5K2/4G (2 x 2GB FB-DIMM each, for a total of 16GB)
  • Corsair HX620W (before stating that it is not enough, it is, trust me)

Let's go on with the installation :

the motherboard, with the front (or should I say top ?) panel cables attached. As you can see, even with a full E-ATX motherboard, there is plenty of space to work with, so the non-removable motherboard tray does not pose a problem.

the four disks, mounted on their trays, which will slide nicely into the case. The trays have rubber grommets on them, so vibrations are reduced to a minimum. By the way, This machine will run a Fedora 8 x86_64. The 400GB Caviar will be (or I should say is, since it's effectively already installed and running) the system disk, and the three Raptors will be configured in software RAID-0 to serve as scratch space.

almost ready, everything's in place, except for the wind tunnel:

and here it is, in all its glory

As you can see, it's clean, except for the power cables, too short for any other kind of solution, alas. With longer cable it would've been possible to route them through the big holes to the right, up to the top of the motherboard. In any case, they're not impeding air circulation, so they will do.

Here's the BIOS:

a total of 850GB of disks, and 16GB of ram. Yummy!

And to finish, the first boot!

absolutely lovely...

Ok, kinda long post, but I hope you liked it.

Oh, by the way, the machine is up and running nicely, the noise is really low (big help from the foam padded side panels here), the drives can't be heard, even when seeking.

For the curious, that's my workstation at work. It is used for biophysics simulations, visualization and programming. The 8800GT serves a dual purpose, first off, big molecules visualization, and secondarily as a testbed for CUDA. If our codes will see some interesting speedup with it, the next build could have a top end 9xxx series in it

Ok, off to bed now, please leave any question/remarks, and I will kindly answer them as soon as I see them.
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