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Default Re: CM Cosmos 1000 Review / New workstation setup [56k warning]

Very, Very Nice !

Great that your working on Alzheimer stuff. I was a care provider for my mother for 7 years who has that, she is in a care facility now.

Just wondering why the raptors and not just go with bigger disks, say Western Digital 750 gig. I have often thought that the difference between Raptors and newer drives is becoming less and less important. I know that servers are a different machine than a work station but with SATA II drives is there that much difference these days between the two drives types ?

I would have to do a test on my machine to see what the difference is between my two Raptors in Raid 0 is vs the 500’s, hmm.. what is good software to test that with ?
With server software by the tons with a MSDN OS sub I have often thought about building one and now that Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V is up it might be something fun to play around with.

But I love the review, thanks !

HDTach 3-0-4-0 Results (not sure how good this program is)

Western Digital 10,000 rpm 74 gig SATA2 Raptors in Raid 0 in the top graph.
Western Digital 7,200 rpm 500 gig SATA2 in the bottom graph. (single drive)

Raptors Win !

238.3 MB/s
187.5 MB/s

New Build Coming Soon
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