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Default Re: My HTPC Project (Worklog)

Originally Posted by einstein_314
MyMovies 2 is a great add-in for MCE. I have it and it works marvelously.

As for ripping the DVD's, do you have hard drive space concerns? And how many movies can you see there being on there? Because if you just rip them into their VIDEO_TS folders (using DVD Decryptor for instance), MyMovies will work with that and you'll just be able to pick the movie and it will play. It also works if you rip them to an .iso. But note that although it works, it really slows MyMovies down.

What are you using to rip the dvds? I've never had one fail using DVD Decryptor. Mind you I'm running Vista Ultimate x86 on my maybe that's why.
I won't have hard drive space concerns once I get around to buying a new hard drive. I plan on buying a 250GB and then adding 250GB HDDs at a time. Thanks for the recommendation though. I tried MyMovies for Vista MCE but it never wanted to rip DVDs for me quite right. It always gave me an error and wouldn't rip.
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