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Default Re: Fun With Barrels. Three Thousand of Them.

I really do hate to get analytical but all these physics videos is like watching peat doing an impression of repeat. Would you really be able to place 3,000 barrels atop one another? I would imagine the pressure would simply crush the base. Lets say that these are uber-super-duper cans and can withstand such pressure, I would highly doubt that a single rock or object would so easily disturb the structure given it's total mass and the pressure on the base. Why do the structures always seem to fall straight down? Is it due to the placement of the barrels (one directly above another)? I'd love to see if you created a cross-hatch structure if the barrels would still fall in such uniformity.

*Sigh* again I apologize for being all nerdy and not just "enjoying" the splendorous movement of thousands of objects, I guess I'm just tired of watching these kinds of videos, it was cool the first 2 it's just blah. /endrant.
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