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Default Got my TV Professionally Calibrated. WOW!

I can't even put into to words how CLEAR and PERFECT the picture is now. It was good before. Hell even GREAT before. I Calibrated the TV myself from reading a few manuals and I thought it turned out awesome. Boy was I wrong. I am not trying to brag at all(ok well maybe a little), but I have never seen a TV as crisp and clear as mine now. The guy who calibrated my TV does AMAZING work(he has 10+ years experience and owns the company that serviced my TV).

To anyone thinking about paying someone to professionally calibrate your TV, DO IT. The difference is AMAZING!

BTW, I own a RPTV CRT. I would take pictures, but its really hard to take pictures of CRT televisions so it won't come out right. And for the record, my TV is "only" 720p/1080i. 1080peee can shove it. I'll put my TV against damn near any TV on the market now(that hasn't been calibrated. ).

No evilchris. Not against your TV. Thats why I said "damn near". I'm so happy
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