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Originally posted by BigBerthaEA
Just noticed the missing water hazard in the FX shot. Not sure why that is.

The skydome looks to be the one that is used for "Sunny" conditions. Too bad you can't see the lens flare effects in either of those shots. All the others have volumetric clouds that move with the wind is really cool to play in Stormy conditions and watch the rain pelt you and leave little puddles on the ground, especially the green. Now if we could just render a "rooster tail" for the golf ball when it is putted in the rain, then we might be ON to something....

Believe it or not, the Radeon 9800 water might look better in a still shot, but the GF renders the animated water a bit more realistically. Hopefully ATI might offer some assistance this year in working some of these rendering issues....who knows?
commenting basically on the images in the tom's review and a recent b3d review which had flat water issues...

personally I have had no problems ingame so far... and iq has been great...

the only FX gpu I have personally used has been the 5800 (for a little bit) and a 5200 gpu that my friend has... therefore I will reserve judgement on these till I actually spend a decent amount of time with em
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