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Default To upgrade, or not to upgrade...

So here's the scoop. I use Windows98SE at home. Everything works reasonably well. The networking is a bit of a dog, but games run fine (the really important thing). My question: would it be worth my time and effort to upgrade to Window 2000 Pro? (By upgrade, I of course mean format and clean install...) I know the networking is a bit improved over 98SE, but what about game support? Right now it's about 95% Medieval: Total War, with some JK2 and FF thrown in the mix. I do have a few older games that I'll probably hit again (Throne of Darkness, Rune, Homeworld/Cataclysm, Half-Life, Undying, etc.) Any experiences, pro or contra, would be greatly appreciated.

System specs:
AMD Tbird 700 MHz
Abit KT-7
256 MB PC133
Creative Labs Annihilator 2 (GF2 GTS)
Sound Blaster Live! Value

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