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Default Re: Socket F, mcp55, mcp65 and drivers.

Originally Posted by nightmorph
According to the Linux SATA status page, "newer nVidia chipsets are AHCI", but nothing I can find on the internet says how new these chipsets must be. My board dates back to 2Q or 3Q 2006 . . . is this new enough?
Well, welcome to my world. As long as NVidia doesn't even document which controllers are in which chipset they won't get a single one of my dollars.

I even went through the trouble of asking here and didn't get anything useful either.

I can go with Intel. There I know which chipsets' SATA controller is supported by which Linux driver and which one does NCQ. Oh wait, that's right. They all use the same driver and they all do NCQ under Linux and FreeBSD, so I don't even have to look.

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