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Default Re: Anyone playing Vanguard?

If the mobs in Vanguard acted like a game with more than 4mb of RAM, then maybe I would still be playing this game.

Oh and here is a classic all you guys will remember. Ok, you aggro a mob or two and they chase you across 4 DAMN CONTINENTS AND ALL THE WAY INTO EQII. Oh it gets better. Later on those same mobs will be killed but you accidentally crossed a chunk line. WTF you know it might take 4 hours for you to cross back over that chunk line to find you mob's body has despawned. FRIKING AWESOME! Also what ever you had going, stopped when crossing a chunk line. I hated that crap.

Chunk lines ftl

How about them mobs and the "natural" way they reacted to the environment? LMAO! NOT! half of them had a little chat bubble above them saying "STUCK". AHAHAHAHAH Here is the kicked, you can't tell if they are stuck or not. Even when they are in a open field, they still studder around. They don't so much move as much as they blink around like a mage in WoW but it is more like a machine gun blinking. LOL!

This game would have been very cool if they didn't release a unfinished game and treat it's customers like BETA testers.

WRT Lord of the rings, it was very cool up to lvl 20. Then it was the same damn thing and boring as hell. Who's bright idea was it to make talent points cost more than you could farm in a day? And repairing your equipment cost more than you could farm in a week.

I loved the on going story line. That was cool but the rest just let me down.
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