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Exclamation Overclocking my Q6600!

So i set my self a max voltage of 1.4v ... i started the FSB of at 400 this resulted in my CPU running at 3.6GHz ... running orthos for like 2 minz and the system re-booted, i figured this was due to lack of voltages so i knocked the FSB down by five .... so the FSB is at 395FSB .... the cpu is now running at 3.555GHz according to orthos ... just by knocking the FSB how by five this seems to have made the overclock stable! the memory is on 1.9v with a 1:1 ratio and running at 790MHz .... as i type the tests have been runnng for just over 20 minz and all is fine, im running both Orthos Small FFT's stress test & Intel Thermal Analysis Tool @ 100% work load at the same time! .... the highest temp i have seen so far is 65c .... although the cpu usually sits around 63c while running both these tests! .... would you say these load temps where ok\safe?

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