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Default Re: Free trial MMO's ?

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
Tabula Rasa has a 3 day referral. Stay away from that pile of **** though.

Give WoW a shot, it's very polished and balanced compared to all others.
I am trying wow right now, so far I am not very impressed with it. Just a bunch of quests where you gather random crap and get xp from it...boring.

Originally Posted by Pearcey
ShadowBane is a free MMO, play it myself as there's an excellent PVP sector to it...

10 times better than WOW for PVP
Yeah that game is pretty fun once you get used to it. Lots of politics involved and such. Not real world politics, but inter-guild politics, diplomacy, etc. The game doesn't even force you to do that either, just happens naturally. Sucks when your guild falls apart though. I was in a very powerful guild and we damn near conquered the whole server.
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