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Default Re: PCM vs Bitstream over Optical (A3)?

Originally Posted by Ruined
IMO this is only the case when using a crappy encoder. When MP3 debuted, crappy encoders like Xing were the norm - which gave MP3 a bad reputation.

However, now we can encode MP3 and have quality the same as CD while saving a ton of space. Use the LAME MP3 encoder at 256kbps VBR and you won't be able to tell the difference between the MP3 and the CD. Same thing with WMA/AAC 192kbps VBR. I think MP3 is a fantastic tech just like other lossy techs like WMA, AAC, Dolby Digital/DD+, and DTS. They deliver the same quality (as proved by double blind tests) as uncompressed in a fraction of the space. The only catch is you need a high quality encoder to achieve these results.
On my system, I disagree. On an iPOD, I agree.
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