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I would like to address the roundup here, I also feel that categorizing the news/reviews link by headings would be nice, however, the present newsposting system does have a few short comings and I did try once but, it was all out of of palce. Unitill a new system arrives and I know its being slowly worked on, its the only way it can be done. However, if you take a look at the roundups, its all categorized w/o headings anyways, news/reports first, mid end GPUs reviews first, CPU and mobo reviews second, drive reviews next, case, cooling and PSU reviews next, other accesories ie keyboards/mouse next, then its other digital equipment like MP3 players etc next, followed by games, and lastly other stuff that doesn't fit into other categories. I cannot further categorize it then it is atm. I hope to do so in teh future.

I also post high end gpu or first/new computer products/components reviews by themsleves if you have noticed.
nvnews is gpu centric website i know, but I have figured many readers who do come in here would also like to read reviews on stuff besides GPUs so the diverse set of reviews etc. I won't mention dial up but thats also a problem..and work..and life...etc


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