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Default kernel: NV0: isr request failed 0xfffffff0

I am about to become insane about this. This happens on my friend's computer, and he has an nVidia Geforce 2.. So I figured it would be pretty easy to make 3D-acceleration work in his Linux. I've done it several times before on other PC's (including my own computer), so it is usually pretty easy.
But this one is officially driving me nuts!

I have tried, checked and double checked if the XF86Config file (XF86Config-4 actually, since it's Mandrake) was properly configured and the module loaded. I have tried changing the card to a TNT2, switching to another screen, installing another Linux distro. But it still spits out the dreaded "(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVdriver kernel module!"

However, now I just fell over something new that the driver apparantly writes to the "/var/log/message" file upon failing to load. This weird message:
"kernel: NV0: isr request failed 0xfffffff0"

I have no particular idea what this could mean... But I figured it is an actual pointer as to what could be wrong.
I'd be happy if someone could explain that message to me. Even more happy if they could help me find a solution to it

Edit: PS: I always use the *.tar.gz drivers. That way I know it _should_ work on practically any Linux system I install it on.
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