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Exclamation Crysis[PC] vs. Uncharted[PS3]

For sometime i was convinced that Crysis is the best looking game on any platform until yesterday

yesterday i was hanging with some buds & one of the PS3 owners brought Uncharted : Drake's Fortune & i have to say i'm friggin' impressed!~
this is the first game that compete with Crysis [DX10] visually IMO. although it has more Pixxar like graphics (not reallife graphics) i've got to say it looks almost perfect!!
i mean the characters animations & detail , the softshadows & the self-shadows (very high-res shadows .. i couldnt notice too much shadow aliasing) , the bump-maps , the waters (ripples & relections) , the lighting & even the vegetation !! everything seems to blend very nicely. top of all it was running smoothly
i guess teh c3ll is finally showing its true power ?!!
the only take on the graphics was the explosions & the fire effects but thats about it.

summary : as a PC semi-fanboy i feel really threatend by the power of the Uncharted graphics.
& for those who will try to downplay that game my advice : Look first! you'll certainly change your mind.

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