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Default So it seems that UT3 & Crysis have'nt sold well....

Just saw this story over at shacknews

Crysis, Unreal Tournament 3 See Low Sales Debuts

Now it seems that ppl are pretty shocked that both these games have'nt become million sellers...but why are they shocked about this?

UT3....Sorry but imo epic have totally lost it now,UT3 is the worst of the series imo(and from that lack of sales it seem many other ppl agree) the Demo totally sucked and from what i've played of it the full game is'nt much better,maybe its the been there done that regurgitated from last 3 UT games gameplay that has just worn just a bit to thin for my tastes & fact that they've spent so much time slanting UT3 toward the console crowd really puts me off it,maybe there thinking that they can get more sales there because the console guys are'nt as jaded towards UT and that its now almost stale gameplay will free fresh and new to the ps3/360 crowd....I hope that cash sony waved epics way for the ps3 port helps to ease there poor PC sales...

One other major thing that put me off UT3 is epic's poor support for many of the GOW's crashing/jerky loading issues and communication over proper widescreen support in UT3 & i think many hardcore epic/ut fans now have a bad taste in there mouth because of issue's like that

Crysis...Well you all know what im gonna say now
but even when cutting edge hardware runs your game at sub 60fps and to make it run well you have to make it look like **** and the later half of your game turns into a bug fest dont be really suprised if no one buys it.....yes i brought it and tryed to play it (hovered around 30/low 40's at med/high)but i dout i'll play it till the next gen of cards hit as i really want to see it shine maybe by then it will get patched....btw i not slagging of crytek here i really love that there pushing the envelope

One other thing is that might be effecting sales is that theres just TO MANY good/great games out atm,publishers have to come to realise that i have money in my pocket all year around and that they dont have to cram every AAA title they have into 2 months of the year!

Anyone else as NOT shocked as i am to read this news?
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