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Default Re: So it seems that UT3 & Crysis have'nt sold well....

I thought UT3 at least from what I played in the demo was huge let down. Maybe after a few patches but I doubt it.

Basically when you think about Crysis all you think about is graphics because thats all what they really pushed more than anything. And thats the biggest problem because I think many want to play Crysis but being that they marketed it as graphics show piece more than thats how people want to play it and rather not play a lesser form of it by having to play it on low or even medium settings.

They should have tried to make it more scalable because its either very beautiful maxed out or downright ugly even at medium settings. But I think it will have legs. People are just waiting for there hardware to catch up to it. I will pick it up but not anytime soon as this is the only game that hammers my system and I wont upgrade just for it.
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