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Default Re: Crysis[PC] vs. Uncharted[PS3]

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
On a technical level Crysis is far better but from an artistic and design aspect, Uncharted blows Crysis away. Crysis looks and feels generic, theres nothing special about the animation or the art behind the game.
The photorealism sounds like that not need a very strong art design , because we see the game like a one movie or the reality , with " feel generic" .

In Uncharted, the game need a strong and evident art desing , because not is posible ofert a photorealism in the world .

Photorealist painting cannot exist without the photograph. In Photorealism, change and movement must be frozen in time which must then be accurately represented by the artist.[14] Photorealists gather their imagery and information with the camera and photograph. Once the photograph is developed (usually onto a photographic slide) the artist will systematically transfer the image from the photographic slide onto canvases. This is done by either projecting the slide or grid techniques.[15] The resulting images are often direct copies of the original photograph but are usually larger than the original photograph or slide. This results in the photorealist style being tight and precise, often with an emphasis on imagery that requires a high level of technical prowess and virtuosity to simulate, such as reflections in specular surfaces and the geometric rigor of man-made environs.[16]

Some part with art design in Crysis . I believe that not is bad

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