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Default Re: Crysis[PC] vs. Uncharted[PS3]

Originally Posted by v3rninater
Crysis is by FARRRRR better then this stupid uncharted game. Uncharted looks like console crap anyhow. Just like people think Far Cry 2 will be something, it won't hold a candle to Crysis.

Crysis just looks a million times more realistic and detailed then any other game atm.

It's gonna be a year or 2 until we see something much better then Crysis I can garentee that. Plus we haven't seen Crysis on the "hidden" visual settings yet.

I still don't understand why stupid people are always trying to knock Crysis. It's such a great game, with sooo much more potential. Anyone ever look at Youtube and search for Crysis physics videos? Omg what a crazy game this is!

Any developer can make a game with amazing graphics. IMO there's nothing impressive about it at all. Style stands out in the croud, that's why Uncharted, IMO, is ahead of Crysis. IMHO this is why I think console games are ahead of PC games and it's likely to stay that way.
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