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Default Re: Crysis[PC] vs. Uncharted[PS3]

Originally Posted by Xion X2
This statement here epitomizes the problem with PC gaming. The community is filled entirely with graphics whores that sit there and whack-off to their frame counters and call it "fun" or "gaming."

If the PC community were concerned about gameplay elements aside from graphics, we'd actually see some decent titles (aside from that 3,000th FPS released this year that needs multiple patches to function properly) start to trickle in. As it is, developers spend less and less time on gameplay and art design.

And I laugh at those side-by-side "photorealistic" shots of Crysis. The game looks nothing like that while you're playing it since you cannot run AA along with decent levels of filtering at a smooth framerate. There are jaggies all over the place unless you enjoy playing many areas around 20 FPS. The aliasing/shimmering in just the tree leaves is horrible--not to mention on all the buildings and fences when you get close to them.
What game is this ? 20 fps no AA, tree leaves horrible etc ? This - in one 8800 GT and 1680 x 1050 , and without any tweak in the autoexe

oh and they talk about Uncharted running at max 30fps :s
Max 30 and min 15fps ? Like Crysis in very high in Win XP and some tweaks , at 720 p ? The console boys in my country said about 60 fps
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