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Default Re: Finally, 3GHz!!! lol

Okay, my Eliminator arrived a few days ago but wasn't able to install it till now. Here are the pictures:


And here is with the Eliminator installed:

And the first problem...

The side panel would not go on the case cause the 250mm fan got in the way. So, I had to remove the fan, and then remove the mesh that covered the hole on the side of the case in order to get the side panel to go on. I could not leave the mesh on cause the plastic stubs that the fan screwed into stuck out too far. So I just installed the fan on the outside of the panel so there wasn't a big gaping hole and to help cool the rest of the components. Here are some pictures:

Anhow, she's up and running at 3GHz now, and temps are no where near what I was hoping for. I have several ideas as to why, I'll get into those a bit later. Benches are comming up next!
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