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Default Re: MySQL Connect Problem

Originally Posted by technoid
I created a small MySQL project on my personal ISP and after getting it going I tried to move it our server at work. I installed MySQL 4.1 and the 3.5 Connect Driver but I can't connect to the database. I keep getting the error below. I output the connect string so you can see how I'm trying to connect.

I installed HeidiSQL a freeware admin utility and can use it just fine. I created a table just like the one in the project on my personal ISP so MySQL seems to be installed and working correctly on the server itself. But I don't know enough about it to troubleshoot the connect problem. I've done a lot of google searches and it seems like my connect string is okay but I'm not sure about what to put in for the server. I put the normal url since that seems right, but maybe not. If anyone has any ideas on this I'd appreciate any help you can offer.
have you considered phpMyAdmin? it's placed on the server running the MySQL daemon. also, it requires PHP.

i have experience with that.
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