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Default Re: Crysis[PC] vs. Uncharted[PS3]

Jonelo is not some kind of guru that has some hidden wisdom about how to optimize Crysis. I've ran the game with high/medium settings without any AA/AF, and it will still struggle when you get open landscapes on the screen with allies/enemies. It does this both in DX10 and in DX9 w/ the DX10 tweaks. And this is with my Ultra overclocked to 702/1800/2300 with high settings, including shadows (medium shadows look terrible, IMO.)

I run a 1680x1050 monitor, and unless I back the resolution down to 1280xXXX, which looks terrible due to downscaling, then my framerate in some places will still dip down to 22-25fps which is just too low for a PC title. And that's on the beginning level which is one of the better optimized parts in the game.

It's easy to cherry-pick screenshots, but it doesn't change the facts. Even on high settings the game runs slow in many areas as review sites have shown. Very high settings will make around a 10 fps difference on your minimum; it's not a night and day difference like Jonelo is making it out to be. If he really wanted to prove something, then he'd go run a fraps benchmark with recorded logs/frames and post his results like these review sites have done. That will give us a more accurate average and also record the minimums which tell the story of true performance.

why is performance of current computers being factored into the equation? the argument isnt if it RUNS better..only that it LOOKS better.
Yes, because playing FPS's as a slideshow is always barrels of fun. Mouse lag FTW. Really improves your aim.

This is what kills me about some of you guys. You couldn't care less if a game plays like run-over dog $h!t just as long as it *looks good*. If you're not playing a game to play a game, then what the hell are you doing it for? To look at the pretty picture? Well, if you want to take a look at something that *looks good* then just look out your window or put on an HD-DVD or Blu-ray movie. Both of those look even better and run at a better framerate. Neither require a patch or a driver update, either.

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