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Default Re: Anyone playing Vanguard?

Originally Posted by NrthnStar5
Breaking news from SOE's Podcast! SOE will be re-activating all Vanguard accounts for FREE play from December 18th to January 3rd. If you've cancelled your account, make sure to load Vanguard up and give it another try for free! This is not the free trials, but it's for players that had a Vanguard account.

Vanguard just released its first premier raid dungeon with over 18 bosses, as well as two raid world bosses. There is also holiday decorations everywhere, with mountable flying reindeers and housing decorations that's available to everyone. It is a great time to come back to the game! Performance has also been greatly improved!
Over 18 bosses?! WTF are they smoking. WoW is easier and Naxx had 14 bosses, and it still took 3 days a week of raiding hours a day to fully clear.

"Lawl, vanguard raiding, your new 40 hour a week job, that doesnt pay you! In fact you pay it!"
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