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Default Re: Finally, 3GHz!!! lol

Originally Posted by crainger
Outside plumbing FTW!
Do I even want to know what you're talking about?

Originally Posted by Buckeye
Isn't that 3DMark03 you are using ?

Try the 06 version and see what you get.

Wait I see you are usining several versions there.
What screen rez are you running those tests at ? Mine defaults to 1280x1024.

Only reason why I ask is I am not sure what you guys consider a test run at for screen rez.
Desktop is 1680x1050, 3DMark03 is 1024x768, 05 and 06 is at 1280x1024. My score is definitely somewhat lacking for what others are getting with the same card. Guess that goes to show how far behind the Core2s my Opty is.
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