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Default Re: Crysis[PC] vs. Uncharted[PS3]

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Yes, because playing FPS's as a slideshow is always barrels of fun. Mouse lag FTW. Really improves your aim.

This is what kills me about some of you guys. You couldn't care less if a game plays like run-over dog $h!t just as long as it *looks good*. If you're not playing a game to play a game, then what the hell are you doing it for? To look at the pretty picture? Well, if you want to take a look at something that *looks good* then just look out your window or put on an HD-DVD or Blu-ray movie. Both of those look even better and run at a better framerate. Neither require a patch or a driver update, either.
Xion, this thread's topic has absolutely *zero* relation to frames per second. It is purely, 100% about *visuals*. Nobody said Crysis was fun or easy to play at less than X fps- that is *not* the topic of discussion here. We're pointing out how you're derailing this thread with your little rant. If you don't like how Crysis performs, take your issues with the game to the appropriate thread- but don't unhash them in here.

From a pure *visuals* standpoint, Crysis dominates Uncharted. Hands down, no contest. From a smooth framerate at max settings standpoint, Uncharted would win as it remains playable even with max IQ settings. But again- *that is not the topic of discussion here*.

If all your wanting to do is rant about the cruddy fps in Crysis at max settings, then take it to the appropriate thread. That's all that we're saying.
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