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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by SJA06
The VFR France scenery look very nice, from what I've seen, maybe not as good as Megascenery or GenerationX, but it would be nice to have somewhere else in Europe to fly. It's a shame thay don't have an english section on their website.

I was compelled to install the France VFR Alps set after getting back from my real life trip to sharm el sheikh,on which my outbound flight from the UK to Sharm took a flight path over a large section of the alps which was stunning!

As its been noted its a patch up from FS9 and can suffer from the blurries big time in anything but RTM!

From what i can tell from posts by PT over at AVSIM this is because it uses 256x256 tiles which seems to put a massive strain no FSX's texture loader and no matter what tweaks i try (fiberframe mip bias ect ect) there always seems to be a bit of the landmass thats a blurry mess

the only way i've managed to keep it some what under control is to lock my FPS at 30 but that causes a slight sutter every 2 mins or so that i dont see under unlocked.....

Heres a few shots under DX10 (inc FEX) if you'ed like more just give a shout out

btw nice F-86 Sabre shots any chance you could post a few ****pit shots?

Lol C0ckpit is block

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