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Default Re: Crysis[PC] vs. Uncharted[PS3]

Originally Posted by ralinn
No one here has said Crysis looks worse than Uncharted, so I don't know where you're getting that from. Posting screen after screen of how Crysis looks on your system is not relevant in the slightest. I prefer the STYLE of Uncharted over Crysis. Yes, we all know that Crysis is technically amazing but it doesn't run well for the money you put into it. Uncharted has a fantastic style, great graphics and runs at a stable framerate. Uncharted is not meant to look REALISTIC.
This you doing a subjective valuation, on the artistic quality of a game, agrees to your personal preferences.

Do you prefer Picasso's painting or that of Miro ? Or photorealist painting

The this discussion in this area. I think about technical parameters, that we can measure, not artistic. Each one we have our tastes
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