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Default Re: Crysis[PC] vs. Uncharted[PS3]

Originally Posted by m3dude
why are people here ignoring the framerate drops in uncharted? i saw many in those demo videos jonelo posted. also uncharted runs at 720p, run crysis at 720p on a g80 at all high settings and performance will be fine while still blowing uncharted out of the water in every aspect of graphics technology

also q, that is way off and isnt accurate at all. giving cod a 9 and crysis a 10 is ignoring the huge number of things crysis does that cod 4 doesnt, and is ignoring the things they both do but crysis does on a scale many many times better/bigger.
I'm not trying to say that its accurate, or even close for that matter. I was trying to illustrate a point. If everything that should be factored in was actually included, the "simulated scores" would be much, much closer. I'd still give COD4 the nod in terms of looks to performance, but I don't think that would take away from what Crysis does in the least.
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