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Default Re: Crysis[PC] vs. Uncharted[PS3]

Originally Posted by m3dude
why are people here ignoring the framerate drops in uncharted?
I haven't played Uncharted, so I'm honestly not aware of how well it plays. But I do know right off the bat that it's an action/adventure game--not a FPS like Crysis which usually require quicker reflexes and higher precision aiming which are both made much tougher when your framerate is inconsistent.

also uncharted runs at 720p, run crysis at 720p on a g80 at all high settings and performance will be fine while still blowing uncharted out of the water in every aspect of graphics technology
The problem with this mindset is that most of us aren't running our PCs through a 720p setup; we're using high-res LCDs which begin to look poor from an IQ standpoint when you try to downscale the resolution. PC gaming, by nature, is mostly done at a computer desk while you're viewing your monitor from a much shorter distance than when gaming on a console, so having a higher-res monitor is usually a necessary practice if you still want good IQ.

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