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Default Re: Crysis[PC] vs. Uncharted[PS3]

Originally Posted by m3dude
so basically you would rather crytek dumb down the graphics so u can feel better knowing your running it at max settings at your native resolution? or maybe u expect crytek to magically give our gpus the power to process pixels twice as fast?
Where did I ever say or imply this? I've not said once that I'm running the game at the highest settings--hell, it doesn't even run smoothly on "High" for me which is a notch down from the highest settings it will go to. And that's without any AA or AF whatsoever! I would be perfectly happy if I could squeeze a consistent 30fps out at "High" settings with a little AA on my setup, but I can't.

No, what I have an issue with are guys who want to compare Crysis to a game that looks as good as Uncharted by posting "Very High" screenshots while ignoring that the FPS could be measured on a sundial at those settings while Uncharted scoots along at a playable framerate. This crowd usually seems too closed-minded to realize that what would make more sense is to compare playable settings. What settings can you max Crysis out to and still get a consistent 30fps?

Does it make sense to you to compare a game's worth by graphics alone? There have been tons of games over the years that had great graphics but failed miserably from a gameplay perspective.

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