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Default Re: Crysis[PC] vs. Uncharted[PS3]

this thread seems to be about graphics tho, and not gameplay. the shots jonelo posted were on high settings and seemed very playable, and thats at 1680x1050, around twice the number of pixels as 720p, while blowing uncharted out of the water visually.

does it make sense to compare a game processing half the pixels from a resolution standpoint while looking a metric ****ton more simple graphically from a performance standpoint?

and again, this level of graphics requires a lot of horsepower. crytek cant just magically bestow on g80 the ability to run faster than the hardware will allow. they have been working hand in hand with nvidia for a long time. there will likely be performance improvements to come with future drivers/patches, but they can only work with what the hardware is capable of. the game is likely taking very good advantage of g80 as is tho.

do you also complain that corvettes use more gas than a civic? do u buy one and return it telling them ud keep if it u could at least get 25 miles per gallon? id hope not, most people realize high performance engines simply require more gas, and all the engineering in the world can not change that.
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