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Default Re: Crysis[PC] vs. Uncharted[PS3]

Originally Posted by m3dude
this thread seems to be about graphics tho, and not gameplay.
That was not the mindset of the original poster. Shall I go back and quote him again on saying how smoothly Drake's played as compared to Crysis?

the shots jonelo posted were on high settings and seemed very playable
15fps is "playable" to you for a first-person shooter? He cherry-picked those screenshots, because when he went back and ran a benchmark he was averaging 25-30fps with some drops to 15. And that wasn't even with all settings on high; he had shadows on medium.

and thats at 1680x1050, around twice the number of pixels as 720p, while blowing uncharted out of the water visually.
Uncharted runs at 1080p (1920x1080):

And in regards to your comment about it "blowing Uncharted out of the water visually", well, you're once again talking simply about graphics settings and what's not comparable from a gameplay standpoint.

I couldn't give two farts in the wind if Crysis has super-duper-mega-pwnbot-ultra shader settings if it plays at 2fps with them enabled. Optimize the game first to run at a consistent 30fps, which is necessary for any FPS, and then show me the graphics that go with that optimization.

crytek cant just magically bestow on g80 the ability to run faster than the hardware will allow.
I'm not asking them to. This argument is not about how many graphical effects can be pushed but how well it can be done and still be practical for your audience. And to be blunt, the engine just isn't all that efficient. By the time you scale the graphics back for good performance, you're left with a glorified Far Cry. To get a true next-gen experience you need the high shaders enabled, and they absolutely kill performance.

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