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Default Re: Crysis[PC] vs. Uncharted[PS3]

Originally Posted by agentkay
Based on what is rendered in Crysis the performance is totally justified
I can agree with this, its a game that is leaps and bounds above anything else in terms of visuals and I am quite surprised at how well it can run after some tweaking. Also, The 8800 series is a year old now people, you should not expect playable Frame rates with every last single setting at max.

Originally Posted by agentkay
You want higher settings/framerate then you need to get SLI/CF because that is the true high-end solution not just a single high-end card.
Thats the problem right now though, SLI doesnt currently give enough boost in FPS with Crysis over a single GPU and I absolutely will not ever again run with a crappy NVIDIA Chipset.

CF on the other hand while it might be scaling better still has its number of issues as well and I dont really care that much for ATI at the moment.

The real answer for higher FPS IMO will be with the 9 series from Nvidia which is honestly what Crysis is screaming for.
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