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Default Re: Crysis[PC] vs. Uncharted[PS3]

Originally Posted by Nanosuitguy
Are you stupid or what? It only adds Supersample AA and AF, other than that its ingame shot, shadows, textures, lighting is not changed and that is what crysis would look like with 16xQAA and Multisample/supersample AA.
Thats true but it will be a nice long while before anyone can actually play it at those settings without it being a picture slide show. lol.

Originally Posted by Nanosuitguy
Uncharted has nothing on crysis.
In the graphics department sure, everywhere else im not so sure. Crysis has a number of technical issues right now which desperately need to be addressed with a patch and IMO some of them are severe enough that I really don't think the game should have even been released in its current state.

Originally Posted by Nanosuitguy
It looks kinda like a mixture between far cry and gears of war... A big downside is that it doesn't have AA and no/poor AF.

You forgot screen tearing. lol.
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