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Default Re: Crysis[PC] vs. Uncharted[PS3]

Originally Posted by Nanosuitguy
Are you stupid or what? It only adds Supersample AA and AF, other than that its ingame shot, shadows, textures, lighting is not changed and that is what crysis would look like with 16xQAA and Multisample/supersample AA. Uncharted has nothing on crysis. It looks kinda like a mixture between far cry and gears of war... A big downside is that it doesn't have AA and no/poor AF.

Ingame MOFO!
werent u the genius arguing with me that it didnt add af? now u claim it does? . you rly do get smarter by the day!!!

and lol @ "it only adds supersample aa" as if thats some minor iq boost. and 16xqaa wouldnt look anything like that, because guess what? 16xqaa is MULTISAMPLING, not SUPERSAMPLING. and the power wed need to run crysis with 8x or 16x SUPERSAMPLING to match those editor shots wont be coming for many many years. to put it in perspective, a gtx only runs ut2k4 at 35 fps or so, less during action scenes with just 4x supersampling. now apply that to crysis but with 8 or 16x supersampling.
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