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Default Re: Finally, 3GHz!!! lol

Originally Posted by mullet
Do you have the E6600 already dude?
Yes, but long story.

In short, the rig wont be up and running till either next month or the month after. I have the E6600, the Intel Bad Axe mobo- just need the case, PSU, RAM, HDDs, Optical drives, video card(s) (*hint, hint ) and I should be set.

I've had the E6600 + BadAxe for quite a while actually, bought 'em from Magus actually. Just haven't had the funds nor time to assemble the rig. And I'm not too concerned with the E6600 not being fast enough. The computer will be assembled first part of next year (meaning next month, month after that at the latest). Currently this Opty is plenty fast enough for me. If I am satisfied with the performance this Opteron offers, imagine the E6600 even if just at 3.2 - 3.4GHz.
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