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Originally posted by Uttar
Nutty: The R(v)2xx supports FX16. Yeah, small difference, but MS cares I guess

Sazar: My guess is that the 44.65 do the same thing as the 44.03 did. But there's another upcoming driver release which will retrieve a few 3DMark "optimizations", but keep most in.

The 44.65's don't seem to have the same problems as the 44.03's had in 3DMark, renaming it has no effect and there are no glitches when you go 'off the rail'. So either they moved really quickly in making sure these optimisations aren't as easily detected or they already had the code in place ready for such a situation.

Which means that if it was the former, then they just don't care about peoples perceptions of them or, if it was the latter, they were working with malice afore thought. They always knew they'd get caught eventually and were already set up to combat it. Either way it's quite sad. Now if these peformance boosts were legitimate then all well and good... but I don't think they are somehow.
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