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Default Re: Just got a Sony 50" Bravia LCD HDTV,

Originally Posted by Fackamato
Wow, are you arried to a rear projection TV, or what? Calm the **** down. For personally, LCD is the way to go up to 42" inches, 42" and above will look best with plasma IMO. Rear projection means DLP (spinning wheels, fans, a LAMP ffs) and whatnot (or LCD, but not in this case). Uneducated answer?

Funny, I don't have any spinning wheels. Lamps are a BLESSING. $200, TV is like new again. Plasma's are a joke if you are any sort of video/film enthusiast. Blacks SUCK, color is never correct, they are good for watching TV outside at high noon and nothing more. Rear projection can mean CRT, DLP, LCoS, or LCD. Have you ever seen a plasma undergo any sort of calibration? They can't be calibrated to be accurate.
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