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Default Re: Crysis Screenshot Thread

Originally Posted by m3dude
well i mean ur sitting here posting that u dont see a difference besides the rocks, and theres a huge difference. i mean if i had access to atis image difference program, it would show u the huge difference between the pics
M3dude have you not noticed that no one is really agreeing with you on this matter?

Originally Posted by Xion X2
I don't know what the hell the guy (M3) is talking about, either. They look very similar to me.
Im sure the editor pic has less jaggies than the first pic (if you examine it with a microscope) but the fact is that you have so much AA enabled in the first pic that the jaggies are not even that apparent to begin with.

And yes as I already told you I think the first pic as a whole looks far better as the rocks look like complete ass in second pic.
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