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Default Re: Crysis Screenshot Thread

Originally Posted by m3dude
well i mean ur sitting here posting that u dont see a difference besides the rocks, and theres a huge difference. i mean if i had access to atis image difference program, it would show u the huge difference between the pics
Youre wrong, the difference really is NOT that big like everyone here agees about and certainly something you dont think about when playing the game... And why are you bitching so much over anti-aliasing? The game looks really great even tho the vegetation wouldn't have that kind of AA. I dont lie when i say those pics are ingame. They are ingame shots taken by me (and others) playing crysis in the game. So wtf are you taking about then? Only thing thats is added is more more more AA. Textures, lighting, shadows are still the same you idiot. Those shots are only little balanced in brightness and color. Some of them are using other TOD lightin settings that original. This is what crysis would look like with that much more AA added. And actually, those shots would have looked about just that great even without AA so stop bitching please... After all these pics where taken for wallpaper purpose only and the game aint even playable at those settings anyway. This is what Ce2 looks like with huge amount of AA added (and AF in some cases) and truly the nr1 technically best looking graphic engine out there...
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