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Default Re: Crysis Screenshot Thread

how fast do u think a gtx would run crysis with 8x8 supersampling? if u dont know, the answer is less than 1 frame per second. probly far less than 1 frame per second.

and i did read your post, let me quote exactly what u said.

"Those are raw ingame shots with just a little brightness/contrast and color balancing. Also Multisample AA for all vegetation is added in additional to the regular 16xQAA "

100% blatant ass lie. theres not a trace of multisample aa in those pics, nor are they ingame. first of all how can u possibly consider them ingame when u took them within the editor(u played the game in the editor?), and after specifically telling the editor what the size and width of the screenshot would be and then specifically typing in the e_screenshot command.
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