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Default Re: TV-Out Card Choices (HDMI/DVI/Component)

I'm also running Mythtv with a 8500GT card - however despite much debug, reading the documents, googling I'm yet to find a modeline which permits 1080p on my Sharp Aquos.

I've tried custom edid's also but with limited success.

The 1080i works sort of but shows interlace tearing on movement.

Seems there's a bug in the driver for 1080p which causes the frame rate to increase to 120Hz - but in my case using the option to ignore frame refresh causes a black screen.

I was also going to use component out because my Sharp only has one HDMI/ DVI input and that's tied to the cable box.

I'll keep on trying - may even have to buy an ATI - but I read they have even poorer linux support :-(
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