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You have summarized the conclusion I've reached after a week of intensive debug / testing which has resulted in no solution.

I tried the ignore max frame rate option with exact dvitimings true or false - but no joy.

Frankly I'm at my wits end and not sure if I should switch to ATI - but I read they have 'issues' also.

Shame as everything else on my MythTV works great just can't get to 1080p.

Even the 1080i suffers from interlace tearing and the TV thinks its only 720p :-(
Any ideas ??

73 Tim


Originally Posted by pe1chl
2. in other cases the driver sees the correct mode, but when it is interlaced (e.g. 1080i) it gets confused about the number of lines. e.g. it decides that your 1080i mode has only 540 lines, and uses only half the picture. Or it calculates that the vertical frequency is out of range because it arrives at 120Hz instead of 60.
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