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Default Re: Crysis Screenshot Thread

Ok, I finally went and finished crysis (I had been afraid to since getting my RAM back, was afraid it would crash on me again). All I can say is..jesus christ the end %20 of this game is absolutly unplayable on a single 8800gtx. I had No AA, no AF, no sub sampling, pushed the res to 1280x, and that damn thing was still loving it in the SINGLE digits. Inside the carrier wasnt bad at all, but the end of the flight sequence (seconds per frame), and the carrier deck (Seconds per frame). I had to us god mode on the final bosses because it was simply impossible for me to hit the flyers in the air at the frame rates I was getting. Could I have gone to high or medium settings? sure.. but if I cant run it on very high in vista/DX10, theres no point in playing it in vista period. I could just jump into xp and boom.. near-very high with great performance.
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